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    Fishing and Hunting

    The St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario are famous for bass, northern pike and muskellunge as well as brown trout and salmon. Guided fishing trips are a tradition in these waters. Novice anglers, or those just wishing to boost their chance of success, hire these experts to take them out onto the water for a
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    1000 Reasons to Stay Home

    Parents and children, neighbors and friends, barbecues and vacation. They’re all reasons to stay home and be part of the solution to putting Covid-19 behind us. The sooner we all do our part, the quicker we can return to the ones – and things – we love. We hope that includes a visit to the
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    Who is the 1000 Islands?

    By now you have an idea what the 1000 Islands is all about but do you know who the 1000 Islands is? We spoke with folks who spend their time hosting visitors to get a sense of what you can expect when you discover the 1000 Islands this season. We hope you enjoy and learn
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    High Water: Fact or Fiction?

    The water on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River is high. But, there’s some misconceptions out there about us in the 1000 Islands. Some docks are underwater; others are not. The big difference for us is that we learned from the past and took steps this spring to ensure we are ready to go
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    Henderson Harbor, NY

    Scenic Henderson Harbor, located between Westcott Beach and Southwick Beach state parks, has the unmistakable ambiance of a classic maritime village. Since the very first European explorers, Henderson Harbor has provided safe harbor and recreation to travelers by land and by water. Samuel de Champlain first witnessed Henderson’s beauty in 1615. The same tranquil harbor
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    Alexandria Bay, NY

    There are many exciting ways to tour the beautiful 1000 Islands from Alexandria Bay. For a bird’s eye view, climb aboard a helicopter or hot air balloon. The many boat tours originating from the waterfront are a great way to get a close-up view of the islands and their sites, including the famous Boldt Castle
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    Food and Drink

    Thousand Island Dressing Yes! Thousand Island dressing was created here, we just can’t agree on how. And we’re just going to ignore the impostor by a certain fast-food chain. There are two prevailing origin tales of the famous dressing and both include George Boldt, who built one of the 1000 Islands’ most famous sites: Boldt
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    Outdoor Recreation

    It’s natural beauty that keeps families coming back to the 1000 Islands year after year. Active visitors flock to the 1000 Islands to experience the vast woods and water in their favorite ways. The overwhelming majority of our visitors get here by personal vehicle, meaning the 1000 Islands is likely to be one of the
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