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Ice Fishing Clinic

Join local fishing guide Aziel Snyder for a step-by-step instruction of ice fishing on Eel Bay! Augering the ice, tip-up setup, and baiting will be demonstrated.
Meet at Eel Bay boat launch, near Campsite Area H. No restrooms on site, Nature Center is a 2 minute drive away.
Program size is limited. Pre-registration required. Please call (315) 482-2479 between the hours of 8:00am—4:00pm, Wednesday through Sunday to register. Face covering required.

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Feb Fest Kingston

This month celebration of winter happens each year at the beginning of February in Kingston, Ontario. Feb Fest is a bustling time in the historic Limestone City. For action, be sure to check out the outdoor hockey games at Market Square Park or bring your skates and twirl whenever the ice is open.

Kingston’s event venues pull out the red carpet for music and comedy acts by nationally touring headliners. The city’s many museums offer special exhibits and events. Food tours, guided Do-It-Yourself workshops, snowshoe races and so much more all take place at Feb Fest.

Kingston has plenty of hotels and places to stay so there’s plenty of places to stay despite Feb Fest’s popularity. Pick the events you want to do and head to Kingston in February, you’ll want to come back again next year.

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Free Snowshoe Day

Gear up – for free! Take a pair of snowshoes out on our trails and explore winter! Weather permitting: seven inches of snow is needed to take our snowshoes out on the trail. Visit the Nature Center during open hours to sign out your shoes. Please note that the Nature Center is closed from noon to 1:00 p.m. for cleaning.
Occurs monthly on January 2, February 6, and March 13.
Program size is limited. Pre-registration required. Please call (315) 482-2479 between the hours of 8:00am—4:00pm, Wednesday through Sunday to register. Face covering required

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2021 Winterfest


This is a free event!!  At Carthage Park.

Cardboard Sled Races, Fry Pan Toss, Crafts, Raffle Prizes and More.

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The Sylvia Effect

The Sylvia Effect is written and directed by Peter Hinton. Using Sylvia Plath and her poems as inspiration, this play speaks to the emotional confessions of four characters simply named: The Daughter, The Poet, The Mother, and The Son.

“Sylvia Plath became famous, partly because of the manner of her death. But as often the case with artistic success it was also a case of timing. Writing against time. This relationship to time, makes her an ideal subject for the theatre. The challenge for me is to get past the tragic story to whatever core of experience or truth might wait on the other side.

For Plath privacy was something her death made public and something her life denied. Privacy involves time and space rather than any concept of secrecy. I think the facts of artists lives are misused but it can’t be helped. Maybe because we invest what we think of as the best of ourselves in our work – its disconcerting to think that anyone would be more interested in the lives we so often, in one way or another, neglect, in order to get the work done.

The play is intended to be played simply and directly. It is written in 5 scenes with a prologue and epilogue. A terse and precise and quick delivery is best. Pauses and breaks in the text indicates beats, not unlike stanzas in free verse. Italicized lines are quotations, and text culled from the letters, journals and poems of Sylvia Plath. The characters are isolated in a world of darkness and light, a sort of Purgatory/Inferno of a mid-century Divine Comedy.”
– Peter Hinton

You can purchase tickets at:

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