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Fishing Tournament: American Bass Anglers

Saturday, July 27, 2019 - Sunday, July 28, 2019

The American Bass Anglers Open Series is a Pro/AM (Boater/CoAngler) format. The series is made up of 18 divisions with each division four one-day events. The anglers that fish 3 or more events in a division are invited to compete in an Area Championship. The top points holders from each division and the top finishers at the Area Championship are invited to complete in the Ray Scott Championship. These events are strictly for the weekend bass angler, professional anglers are not allowed to compete in this series.
Entry Fee: Boaters $210, CoAnglers $105 for a one-day event. Boaters $310, CoAnglers $155 for a two-day Area Championship
Key Elements

$5,000 first place based on 60 Boats or more for one-day events
$10,000 first place based on 100 Boats or more for Area Championships
Advance to the Ray Scott Championship
Guaranteed Boat Use

Location: Clayton, NY - French Creek Marina

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