Getaway to the 1000 Islands this Fall

So you skipped your 1000 Islands vacation this summer for whatever reason – maybe the high water scared you off – or you thought launching a boat was going to be tougher than usual.

Understandable. False alarms, but understandable given the media coverage of our water levels. Fortunately, you’re in luck. Fall is becoming an increasingly popular time to visit the islands and this summer’s high water is now creating a positive for fall. Boating among the islands this fall will be unlike other years; no typical worries about shallow bays, shoals and docks that are too high to reach or jump from into the boat. We’re about to experience typical summer water levels in fall and here’s a few reasons why you should be in the 1000 Islands this fall:

Antique Boats

Antique boats throughout North America are headed to the islands for the Antique and Classic Boat Society’s International Boat Show, Sept. 20-21. This rare event will bring more than 100 antique vessels to the St. Lawrence River for a weekend spectacle as these antiques and wooden beauties ply the waters of the 1000 Islands. Alexandria Bay is “home port” for the weekend but boaters will be riding among and down river to places like Cape Vincent, Clayton and Chippewa Bay. Imagine running your cruiser among the islands with all of these beauties around you.

Fall Foliage

Our fall foliage is really second-to-none. We know that mountain ranges such as the Adirondacks are popular but few places have the mirrored-foliage effect of the 1000 Islands. Imagine cruising along the river – either on your own vessel or aboard one of our boat tours or charters – and seeing the reds, oranges and yellows reflected of more than 1,800 islands reflected off the crystal clear St. Lawrence River.

The Weather

The weather! Seriously…our falls are sneaky warm. It’s basic physics. The sun’s rays warm the waters of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River all summer, meaning September and even October can be a warmer swimming and boating time than June or even July! Just check out this awesome forecast and compare it to home; our fall microclimate is obvious, but a secret too.

Grape & Grains

You know what else that weather is good for? Grapes and grains for our wines, beers and spirits. The warm, moist climate of the 1000 Islands region produces a microclimate perfect for growing the grapes and grains that go into our award-winning craft beverages. So whether you’re here for one of the many Harvest Festival or Oktoberfest at one of our wineries, or just here to enjoy a taste of the 1000 Islands, know that our falls have you covered for a great time.