High Water: Fact or Fiction?

The water on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River is high. But, there’s some misconceptions out there about us in the 1000 Islands. Some docks are underwater; others are not. The big difference for us is that we learned from the past and took steps this spring to ensure we are ready to go for the start of tourism season. Ingenuity, resilience and a sense of pride in what we offer visitors means the lights are on and the doors are open to kick off summer!

Don’t take our word for it; check out these pics we found on social media the past few days. We’re ready to set the record straight with some 1000 Islands high water fact or fiction!

The Downtowns Are Under Water

Fiction! This one makes us laugh. Absolutely not; storefronts, restaurants and activities are in full swing, welcoming guests and sharing summer!

Nobody is boating

Fiction! It’s July and boats are in the water. Many of our marinas prepared ahead of time this year and installed ramps to their floaters and built raised platforms on their piling and crib docks. Ramps are better marked this time around too so you know exactly where the launch is. Some thoughtful launching and planning will have you out on the water in no time! Be mindful too when you’re out there. Local governments have instituted lower speed limits near shore; there’s plenty of lake and river out there to enjoy at all speeds but respectful boating never dampened a good time.


I’ve heard the fish are biting though

Fact! We’ve seen pics of some pretty nice northern pike, bass and jack perch. The high water has certainly impacted fish habits – and truthfully, this bodes well for future years due to new and diverse spawning locations — so this means there are plenty of new hot spots to check out! Not sure where to look? Hire a charter captain or fishing guide who knows the lake and river like the back of his hand.  FREE FISHING on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River through September 2nd!

All of the marinas are closed

Fiction! Just about every marina is open in some capacity. Those with floating docks have hardly missed a beat; some added ramps to keep your feet dry. Spots with fixed docks have been creative, many built raised platforms and relocated electrical systems. Expect some limitations on which marinas have gas but there seems to be at least one option in every community. Contact the local chambers of commerce if you have additional gas questions. Same for the launch ramps. A few are blocked off but there are multiple options for putting in around each community.

Posted by Clayton Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, June 19, 2019


The campgrounds are open, right?

Fact! Most of our campgrounds are unaffected by the high water. In a given campground of 100 sites, only a handful of low-lying spots may be off limits. Bike riding and yard games continue to flourish, oh and the construction of s’mores around the campfire… that’s camping in the 1000 Islands!


The beaches are closed!

Fact and fiction. Most of our public park beaches typically open in late June because… let’s be honest…the water is usually cold this time of year no matter what level it’s at. We are happy to report that many of the beaches are open and now that it’s July, even the adults are getting in. If beaching is a must, be sure to check in with the local chambers of commerce beforehand.

The boat tours and castles are open

Fact! Both have been running successfully since May. The tour companies quickly modified their docks to make sure visitors could get out onto the water to see the castles, lighthouses and mansions. Be sure to check out Boldt Castle, Heart Island, and Singer Castle, Dark Island, while you are here. One closure to note is the Yacht House at Boldt Castle but look at these pics…they enjoyed their visit!

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Don’t let the news reports deter you; we’re open and ready to help you enjoy your stay. So what are you waiting for? Come see for yourself!