On the water in 2018

The 1000 Islands faced unprecedented high water levels last season, meaning a lot of the reasons that people visit were dampened by submerged docks, underwater campsites and a lack of gas docks for boaters. It wasn’t the normal level of fun but we persevered and got things back on track. The good news is water levels are far more “normal” this summer and we – and our guests – are ecstatic. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying…

This week’s featured image

Professional bass anglers of all stripes have been showing off the region’s great fishing!

Sailing influencers get a lesson in sailing, from one of our own

Our friends Craig and Janice run a very popular Youtube sailing channel called Cruising Off Duty. The thing is, Craig always drives the boat, so we thought it’d be good for Janice to get an “unbiased” lesson from Capt. Brett Kessler of Sail Ontario, Sackets Harbor. While there, the Bowmans also got a lesson in stand up paddleboarding, with some comical results.

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