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The Thousand Islands Regional Tourism Development Corporation (DBA: 1000 Islands International Tourism Council) is the direct successor of the Thousand Islands International Council. Together, the two corporations have served the tourism promotion interests of the 1000 Islands international region since 1956. Since the beginning, the TI Council has been an international partnership.

The TI Council is a nonprofit corporation, whose largest financial supporters are Jefferson County, New York, USA, and the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority and its operating partner, the Federal Bridge Corporation Limited.

The TI Council contracts as the official tourism promotion agency for Jefferson County (United States) and receives occupancy tax funds from it. The TI Council works with various destination marketing organizations in southeastern Ontario to coordinate international marketing efforts.

Through an agreement for staff and services with the TIBA, the Corporation has year-round full-time and part-time seasonal staff.

The mission of the TI Council is development, promotion, enhancement and retention of the tourism industry and its associated employment base within the territory encompassing generally Jefferson County in the state of New York – an area of approximately the same size in the southeastern portion of Ontario, Canada. These two areas lay on opposite sides of the St. Lawrence River.