The 1000 Islands region runs along the St. Lawrence River, stretching about 50 miles downstream from where the river begins at the mouth of Lake Ontario. Along that stretch lays dozens of communities ranging from small cities to tiny villages and four-corner hamlets. Communities are marked by some similarities: most have public waterfront viewing spots and typically station a few restaurants along the shoreline.

Differences become apparent the more you are exposed to the unique 1000 Islands culture. Each side of the border offers a mix of vibrant downtowns and quieter, more tranquil settings. Places such as Brockville, Gananoque and Kingston (Canada) and Alexandria Bay (USA) are among the most popular places to stay because they offer many different types of accommodations including resorts, local motels and cottages.

Communities like Clayton and Sackets Harbor (USA) and Prescott (Canada) are noted for their museums, theatres and historical sites. Smaller locations like those along the Canadian 1000 Islands Parkway as well as Cape Vincent in the USA are noted for their more tranquil settings and lodging options that favor cottages and home rentals over full-service hotels.

Whether you’re seeking a full visitor experience including attractions, shopping and dining or prefer to escape to a quiet, “hidden” spot, the 1000 Islands has a place for you.