Scenic Henderson Harbor, located between Westcott Beach and Southwick Beach state parks, has the unmistakable ambiance of a classic maritime village.

Since the very first European explorers, Henderson Harbor has provided safe harbor and recreation to travelers by land and by water. Samuel de Champlain first witnessed Henderson’s beauty in 1615. The same tranquil harbor that can be viewed today from the scenic overlook on Route 3.

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Fishing trips from this harbor have been a way of life for centuries. Lake trout, steelhead, salmon, pike and perch — nearly every freshwater fish known is in Henderson Harbor, and there are plenty of charter guides to take you out for a day of pleasure and rewarding fishing.

This port village is an ideal take-off spot for virtually every kind of freshwater recreation. The harbor offers a deep water port for sailors, with ever-present winds coming off the end of the lake. It has been the home for Olympic sailing trials in the past. Visitors can also enjoy sunny days on the sandy beaches that line the eastern shore.

Henderson Harbor is a short drive from Interstate 81, and you will find comfortable lodging, good food, marinas and campgrounds.