Thousands of classic boat owners and fans gather in Clayton, New York, at the start of each August to celebrate antique boating. For more than 50 years, the finest antique and classic boats from around the world are on display at the Antique Boat Museum’s campus along the St. Lawrence River. Hundreds of sleek, varnished wooden boats ply the water and dozens are for sale each year during the show’s live auction. Boat Show’s hub is Clayton though the entire 1000 Islands region is treated to its celebration. Tour boat passengers and those strolling neighboring communities are often treated to long parades called flotillas of dozens of antique and classic boats out for coordinated cruises among the islands. It’s a great throwback to the region’s heyday as a destination for posh boat owners.

Clayton is at its busiest during Boat Show weekend and there’s not better time to see how vibrant the community comes alive than early August.