Fall in Love with the 1000 Islands

Almost any 1000 Islander will tell you that they love fall the most. The attractions can be enjoyed just a little bit more without the summer crowds. The cruising on the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario is a little easier – and warmer thanks to summer-long rays – and there’s a sense of peace and tranquility that arrives after Labor Day. If you put off your summer vacation or just want to discover a slightly calmer side, come fall in love with fall in the 1000 Islands.

An Unfilled Love Story

Fall in love with the story of Boldt Castle, a testament to one man’s devotion to his beloved wife. More than 100 years ago, George Boldt set out to build his dream: a six-story stone mansion that would be given to his wife Louise. Sadly, tragedy struck and the castle was never finished. Visit appropriately named Heart Island this fall and dive into the story of the Boldt’s and their tragic love story. The castle and neighboring Yacht House are open daily until October 20th. Access provided via Uncle Sam Boat Tours and Clayton Island Tours or bring your own boat.

Write Your Own Love Story

Find the perfect place to rediscover your own love story among the many places to stay in the 1000 Islands. For those looking for a slightly upscale experience, consider the popular 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel in Clayton, with its panoramic patio views of the St. Lawrence River and well-appointed guests rooms. Check out the recently remodeled Sackets Harbor House Inn – and maybe pair it with a romantic outing such as a sunset sailing cruise – the wonderfully remodeled boutique in the Sackets Harbor downtown. Alexandria Bay’s waterfront and affordable offerings make getting onto the river easy and fun. Places such as Cape Vincent and Henderson Harbor offer quieter stays for those looking to discover something new. Take in one of Watertown’s many chain options, especially if you want to pair your stay with some shopping, adventure or visiting fall staples such as the Burrville Cider Mill.

Reconnect with Your Love

Sometimes the best getaway activity is nothing really at all. Head to one of our quaint downtowns and peruse the local specialty shops for things such as nautical-designed clothing, antiques, artwork inspired by the islands or takeaways including our famous River Rat Cheese. Stroll by outdoor patios and dining options and decide which new eatery to give a try.

Pick the Time That’s Right for You

Fall trips can be tough to plan since most of us are back into our regular routines. To make it easier, check out our Events calendar and figure out which makes most sense for you.  Fall and harvest festivals at our wineries and vineyards are popular times to visit. Auto shows add a bit of buzz to our downtowns. Concerts and plays are staggered throughout the season; pair your trip with a show!