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Sally Port View

Sally Port View watercolor
7828 NY-12E
Three Mile Bay, NY 13693
Sally Port View watercolor


Sally Port Views offers a climate-controlled, network-connected campus to take advantage of multiple areas for training, seminars, or instruction.

The main hall is over 4,200 sq ft and can seat hundreds in a lecture style audience or can be configured with SPV provided table/chairs to suit any preferred seating arrangement.

A conference room on the 2nd floor offers a separate area for key huddles and other small-group events that can take advantage of teleconferencing capability. The 5 cottages arranged on the shoreline also have wi-fi, an HDTV, and small lounge area to support small group sessions as well.

The full bar & kitchen offers the option of conferences with full cuisine offerings.

Along the shore and throughout the property you can take advantage of outdoor activities on the water or on the land with SPV provided equipment for fishing/boating/sports/etc.

All this takes place in privacy on an amazing view of Three Mile Bay. Call us for availability and rates!