Enjoying All Levels of The Lake and The River

The 1000 Islands region of Eastern Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River is one of the most scenic waterways in the world, known for its beauty and endless recreational opportunities ranging from big-water sailing and river motorboating to fishing, diving, paddling and more. There are few places that offer such a variety of experiences.

Past water levels rose to historic heights, forcing marinas, shoreline restaurants and campgrounds to adapt to ensure a great time. This year’s levels are lower but the commitment to have fun is the same.

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse in Cape Vincent where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence River

The Lake and the River 2021

The level is a little lower than average and that should have minimal impact on visitors compared to those high levels of the past. Most notably, marina users will probably be impacted with a bit less water at their docks. If you’re trailering a boat here and looking for a place to dock, check out our marina listings and launches.


Floating debris and the problems that come with high water are no concern this year. Be sure to know your path, follow navigation beacons and think about downloading a mobile app that locates shoals. Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River are major bodies of water; there’s plenty of room for safe cruising this season.

Paddle sports

Kayaking, canoeing and, stand up paddle boards are all low-impact and let you access shallower depths than larger boats. Lower water may take away the shallowest creeks but you’re otherwise going to have a great view of what’s below.

Boldt Castle and Boldt Yacht House in Alexandria Bay

Waterfront Fun

High water levels made waterfront walkways like the Clayton Riverwalk and Sackets Harbor’s downtown pavilion park inaccessible. No worry in 2021. Enjoy walking along the water in a half-dozen of our communities. Shopping…dining…walking along the water…what more could you ask for?


No washed out beaches to worry about. Lower levels this year will provide a bit more beach and shoreline to enjoy.


It may not be obvious, but water levels (and flow in particular) can impact diving. Not so this year. If you’re looking to get out on – and under – the water, be sure to hook up with one of our diving outfitters.

Regardless of how you enjoy the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario – in it, on it, along it – you’ll find summer 2021 among the most enjoyable along this majestic waterway.