Chasing Sunsets in the 1000 Islands

Our majestic sunsets are an attraction exclusive to the 1000 Islands and FREE to everyone that visits. Like watercolors in a gallery, each sensational sunset is a masterpiece, showcasing an arrangement from Mother Nature’s palette. Sometimes she paints the sky lilac and lavender fading into pastel pinks edged with the blues reflecting the surrounding lakes and river, other times she uses a golden-hued swath with lines of amber and auburn that stretches into gray-blue billowing clouds against a backdrop of black silhouettes, and every display is breathtaking.

Where are the best places to chase sunsets in the 1000 Islands?

Sunset in Alexandria Bay

Alexandria Bay

When in Alex Bay, you will want to glimpse our famous sunsets from Scenic View Park. Enjoy a sit-down dinner at one of The Bay’s finest restaurants, like Cavallario’s or grab some popcorn from Nav’s Popcorn Shop and take the short walk to the park where you can see the historic Boldt Castle from shore!

Sunset at Tibbetts Point LIghthouse

Cape Vincent

Cape Vincent boasts two gorgeous locales to spy the painted the sky. From the village, treat yourself to some ice cream from either The Doghouse or the Swedish Meatball and walking over to the West End Park. Or, if you want a real treat, get some take-out and drive to Tibbett’s Point Lighthouse, where Lake Ontario and the great St Lawrence River come together!

Chaumont Bay

Take a drive along Route 57 toward Point Peninsula and before parking at the Flanders Road Waterway Access, stop and grab some delicious goodies at The Cottage Bakery. A few steps from Flanders Road, is the Isthmus that connects the mainland to the point, and from this incredible spot you will feel as though you can reach out and touch the picturesque sky above Chaumont Bay.

Sunset and a ship in Clayton


Delight in a meal at Bella’s or The Channelside while watching the ships pass by then take a stroll along the River Walk to the charming Frink Park as the sun slowly sets and the sky fills with magnificent ribbons of colors.

Henderson Harbor

Although not accessible by car, the awe-inspiring sunsets above Henderson Harbor are not to be missed from the Robert G. Wehle State Park located on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. With 17,000 feet of shoreline, you are guaranteed a glimpse of the ornamental sky.

Sackets Harbor

With a blanket in hand, snag some scrumptious take-out from The Sackets Boathouse or the Sackets Harbor Brewing Company and enjoy a late evening picnic at the historic Sackets Harbor Battlefield Park as the sun sets exquisitely to the West.